Jesse Eisenberg Will Adapt His Book into a TV Comedy


Jesse Eisenberg is writing and directing a TV series based on his series of short stories, Bream Gives Me the Hiccups. The series, also called Bream Gives Me the Hiccups, will be produced by Jax Media — makers of Inside Amy Schumer and Broad City – and will star Parker Posey, Victor Rasuk, and a young man who just happens to be named Elliott Smith, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

According to the report, Bream will be a “bittersweet comedy” following a boy named Oscar (Smith) and his recently divorced mother (Posey). Oscar spends his lunch hour at school every day sitting with the Janitor (Rasuk) writing a diary, which is structured as a series of reviews for the restaurants where his mother takes him for dinner. Bream, the title story of Eisenberg’s 2013 book, comprises 12 of these reviews, which were originally written as a column for McSweeney’s .

The series will serve as Eisenberg’s directorial debut. Though he’s best known for playing neurotic billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Lex Luthor, he’s also written his fair share of plays and satire, including some “Shouts and Murmurs” columns for The New Yorker. Here’s hoping he’s developed a thicker skin.