Louis C.K., Jonathan Franzen, More to Compete on ‘Jeopardy’


Jeopardy is a classic, cool show, and it’s got that great set and that beautiful host, Alex Trebek. In the world of game shows, it’s truly timeless. But the contestants aren’t always the coolest! Sometimes they’re librarians, or bloggers, or poets, or teachers. And who wants to watch teachers answer trivia? Isn’t that what “teaching” is, anyway? So, thank the lord that Jeopardy and its producers decided to have a Power Players special featuring actual comedians and journalists and other types of famous people. Finally, contestants we actually care about.

These famous power folk include Louis C.K., Jonathan Franzen, Anderson Cooper, Melissa Harris-Perry, Michael Steele, Lara Logan, Kate Bolduan, Sunny Hostin, Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner, Chuck Todd, S.E. Cupp, Johnathan Capehart, Al Franken and Ana Navarro. No word yet on whether or not Dave Navarro will show.

Power Players Week will go down like this, courtesy of Variety : “On Monday, May 16, Todd, Cupp and Franzen will face off; on May 17, it’s Cooper versus Logan versus Steele; on May 18, C.K. takes on Bolduan and Capehart; May 19’s contest features Franken, Navarro and Hostin; and on May 20, Harris-Perry and Weiner compete.”

There’s one more contestant — referred to only as Gregory — so, no word on who that actually is. Could it be Trebek in disguise? Very possible.