Zayn Is Trapped in a Laser Closet in His New Video for “Like I Would”


Little more than a week after Zayn appeared at the Met Gala wearing metal arms reminiscent of Mortal Kombat‘s cyborg soldier Jax, he’s released the video for “Like I Would,” a song all about how much better he is than some other guy when it comes to doing a certain kind of thing (touching, loving — you know).

The video itself finds Zayn and a barely clothed lady dancer — who is later joined by more barely clothed dancers! — jamming in a laser-tronic soundstage, where Zayn dons outfits that are maybe more in line with the aforementioned Met Gala’s theme of “Fashion in the Age of Technology,” but still no less absurd. It is, it must be said, very much like a brief version of Tron, if Jeff Bridges was tripped in a literal cage of lasers as he watched a squad of dancers taunt him from afar.

“Like I Would” is from Zayn’s recent debut solo release, Mind of Mine, and, all snark about the bizarrely undercooked video aside, it’s a damn jam worthy of his One Direction bonafides.

Watch the video below.