Broke-Ass Comedian Louis C.K. Is Going on Tour to Tell Jokes


Well, that’s it: Louis C.K. is officially a broke-ass man, given all the debt he got himself into with that web-series Horace and Pete, which is not a dark comedy, but instead a drama, with absolutely no comedy at all! Of course, should you find comedy in its darkness, that’s up to you. Anyway! The comedian, who took on debt to produce that show (note: he’s not actually broke, and he assumes none of us know how “debt” works) has just announced that he’s embarking on a yearlong tour of the world, and on this tour he will be walking up onto a stage in front of hundreds and thousands of people in order to tell jokes that may or may not make them laugh. The jokes might not even be jokes; they might be observations that make you tilt your head, scrunch your face, and think, “Huh! He’s right. I never even thought of it that way!”

Either way, Louis has just announced that these things will be happening, though he’s only specifically announced a very limited amount of the things that will be happening. He announced this in an email in which he very casually begins, “Hello getter of this message,” because he’s smart but also accessible. He continues, “I’m writing to tell you that I’m going on tour, doing standup comedy, all over the country and world for the next year (or so) starting next week. In Baltimore.” Here, what he means is that the first date is in Baltimore.

Louis also says that he will announced the rest of the dates in an email on May 16, and that tickets will not be terribly expensive.

Find the list of dates below!

Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, MD: 5/17/2016 Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, MD: 5/17/2016 *late show Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, MD: 5/18/2016

Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ: 5/19/2016 Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ: 5/20/2016

Foxwoods Grand Theatre, Mashantucket, CT: 5/25/2016 Foxwoods Grand Theatre, Mashantucket, CT: 5/26/2016

Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL: 5/31/2016 Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL: 6/1/2016 Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL: 6/2/2016 Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL: 6/3/2016

Mohegan Sun Arena, Wilkes Barre, PA: 6/8/2016

Santander Arena, Reading, PA: 6/9/2016