The Rock Welcomes Jack Black and Kevin Hart to the “‘Jumanji’ Breakfast Club”


It’s been 21 years since the release of the blockbuster hit Jumanji, which means it’s obviously time for a remake. I mean, it can legally drink now. But don’t worry, Sony and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have us covered.

In a post on his own Instagram account, The Rock — who seems really attached to the project, and recently vowed to honor Robin Williams’ legacy with the film — made a very special announcement.

“An ol’ friend is ready to play in the world of #JUMANJI… JACK (mf’n) BLACK. Been a big fan of his work over the years. A brilliant actor who I’m confident will turn in a performance of a lifetime for JUMANJI.”

The Rock seems really excited about welcoming Jack “(mf’n)” Black to the cast, but he also buried another casting announcement in the post too. “The ‘Jumanji Breakfast Club’ is coming together,” he said. “Myself, Jack (mf’n) Black and Kevin Hart.” Who knows, it could be that The Rock is so familiar with Kevin Hart already from filming the soon-to-be-released Central Intelligence, but he sure does seem stoked for Jack (mf’n) Black!

And, as noted in an earlier Instagram post, The Rock’s new Jumanji will feature FIVE major roles as opposed to the original’s three. With the additions of Jack (mf’n) Black and Kevin Hart, 60% of the casting is done, but casting for everyone else is still underway. The Rock also mentioned that there were “two big roles left.” Maybe it’s you? If you fit the criteria of “badass girl” or “semi-sorta badass dude,” I suggest getting in touch. #TheGameThatPlaysYou