Wander ‘Into the Forest’ in Stunning First Trailer for Ellen Page Film


What is a fugue state?

That’s a question viewers of the eerie just-released trailer for the film Into the Forest find themselves confronted with. The film, which was directed by Patricia Rozema, stars Ellen Page as Nell and Evan Rachel Wood as Eva, sisters living in a very remote home. They find themselves destitute after all of North America experiences a complete power outage. Realizing that “all [they] have is each other,” the two struggle to survive seemingly unsurvivable conditions. The trailer is equally suspenseful and beautiful: there’s palpable terror in the earlier parts, but the picturesque waterfall and odd calm of a burning house that close it out are breathtaking.

Last September, Into the Forest debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, and was quickly picked up for U.S. distribution by both A24 Films and DirecTV Cinema — who’ll premiere the film on DirecTV prior to its theatrical release on July 22. Watch the trailer below.