David Bowie Had Been Set to Appear in the New ‘Twin Peaks’ Series


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me has been scrubbed from the memories of many Twin Peaks fans, but it’s best not to forget that David Bowie was in the film, as Agent Phillip Jeffries. He appears as a dream vision in a weird montage to his former buddies Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and provides key information to cracking the case. It seems now that Bowie had signed on to reprise the role for Showtime’s upcoming revival of the show, though his passing in January came too soon for him to film his parts.

This tidbit was provided by an interview with actor Harry Goaz over at the Dallas Morning News. Lord knows where Bowie and his Agent Jeffries would’ve fit, though, as the cast for the series is amazingly large. (So large, in fact, that we just had to cast some of them ourselves.) Bowie’s last film role was in August, from 2013.

Watch his appearance from the film below. It was certainly one of the most Lynchian moments from a very Lynchian series.