Watch the Trailer for Beautiful-Looking ‘Indignation,’ Based on Philip Roth’s Novel


Philip Roth’s novels don’t exactly have a high rate of success when it comes to being translated to film, but that doesn’t mean the latest attempt isn’t stunning. Starring Logan Lerman (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and Sara Gadon (11.22.63), Indignation follows Marcus (Lerman) as he begins school at a new university. There, he starts dating Olivia (Gadon), who is later revealed to have attempted suicide, which, to all of the adults around Marcus, is a tremendous red flag that should forbid him from seeing her. All this and more is revealed in the new, absurdly beautiful trailer for the film.

This is the first film directed by James Schamus, though he’s been a longtime producer and writer for the films of Ang Lee, and that experience shows here. The period detail looks impeccable, and the frustrating message of the film is made even more so by the pristine world in which it takes place. That beauty might just be the only thing it offers, according to our film editor, who saw it at Sundance. Though maybe that’s not such a bad thing: the concept of the book, at least the way Marcus supposedly writes it and the fate that befalls him by the end seem pretty shaky for a feature film. It’s the atheist, mental health stuff that rings as most important, and that seems to be largely represented here.

Just watch for yourself! The film will be released July 29.