The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Drake


Drake, a Degrassi: Next Generation alum and extremely meme-able rapper, took to the SNL stage last night for an enthusiastic performance that ultimately fell flat due to some cruddy writing. But the Canadian performer’s magnetism and aw-shucks-ness was incredibly charming as always. Watch Drake do his best Rihanna impersonation, dance awkwardly, and see how the rest of the show went down last night, below.

The Best

“Donald Trump/Chris Christie Cold Open”

Chris Christie helps a smugger than smug Donald Trump choose a Vice Presidential candidate and defends Bruce Springsteen as his top pick. “He is a god!” And, oh my, we’ll miss Jay Pharoah’s hella funny Ben Carson.

“Drake More Than a Meme Monologue”

“No you cannot move in with me if Trump wins,” starts Toronto-born Drake. But he’s not here to chat politics. His feelings are hurt after spotting a nasty “Hotline Bling” meme online. And then he sings a song about it, accompanied by real-life memes created by the internet’s best wisenheimers.

“Office Boss With Drake”

Beck Bennett’s Mr. Patterson, who has the body of a baby, is ready to be President. The writers have mined this character for all the jokes ever, but it seems appropriate that he makes a return if only for the Donald Trump’s hands gag.

“Weekend Update”

Kate McKinnon’s tragic Olya Povlatsky discusses the brothers from another mother, Trump and Putin. Leslie Jones talks about how sometimes you need to fail to succeed. Jay Pharoah breaks out his best impressions of rappers, including one of Drake.

“Black Jeopardy With Drake”

It’s time for Black Jeopardy — and no one has ever met a black Canadian, which pisses off Drake’s extremely Canadian contestant.

“Drake’s Beef”

Drake’s got a beef with the SNL cast, which brings out his inner gangster rapper — at least inside his head.

The Worst

“Rental Car”

Drake is breaking up with his girlfriend on the rent-a-car job and can’t even. Jay Pharoah’s manager with good hurr drives a 1992 Ford Tempo. These semi-fun impressions amount to nothing.

“American Ninja Warrior”

A hometown hero turns out to be a real embarrassment — so at least it’s keeping with the overall theme of the evening’s worst.

“Dennis Walls & the Cookies”

PBS is screening an old show featuring ‘70s group Dennis Walls and the Cookies — a sleazy, sax-heavy act that can’t quite get it together. Drake channels a nostalgic character that goes out with a fizzle.


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