John Oliver Invites Donald Trump’s Publicist Alter Ego to ‘Last Week Tonight’


On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver mostly only mentions Donald Trump when he’s talking about how much he doesn’t want to talk about Donald Trump, or when he’s campaigning to spread awareness of Donald Trump’s original last name, Drumpf. Last night, he begrudgingly mentioned Trump again, but only in the context of a man who may or may not actually be Trump. Of course, that mystery is only a mystery if you’re to believe Trump, who insists that the man is not Trump, even though the man does sound an awful lot like Trump.

The “man” in question here is one John Miller — or John Barron! — who, throughout the early 90s, acted as Donald Trump’s publicist, giving interviews to media outlets. Of course, the story here is that Barron or Miller — John, let’s say — was actually Donald Trump, who beautifully discussed himself in the third person, telling such tall tales as the time Madonna called to ask him out, and how he had no plans to go through with an engagement to then-lover Marla Maples. (Maples confirmed the voice as Trump when she was confronted with a recording of the interview, which was also how she found out about Trump’s personal deception.) In a 1990 court case, Trump admitted that he had pretended to be Miller and Barron. Last week, when this news resurfaced more than two decades after Trump said it was, in fact, him, he vehemently denied any knowledge of the calls in question.

Anyway, that’s all to say that, in order to help Trump prove that he is not John, Oliver invited John to Last Week Tonight for an interview. It’s a very kind, gracious invitation. Watch it below.