‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 Has a New, Obama-Starring Trailer


Finally, the wait is over: nearly two minutes of new footage from Mr. Robot has arrived, and it’s as glorious as one could have hoped. Actually, for those of us who may have approached the second season of the show with some cynicism, it might even be a little better.

The end of the first season found Elliot and his team of intrepid, revolutionary hackers succeeding in their ability to overthrow some bit of the economic stranglehold placed firmly around the throat of the world. Specifically, the first season’s finale found us in a bit of upheaval in all parts of the show, and it seems that the second season has, realistically, placed us in a world with some semblance of unavoidable stability.

Mr. Robot is still around, and Angela is still embedded within Evil Corp. Tyrell Wellick seems to have been pinned as the culprit behind the collapse — at least, according to Obama. The President even makes an appearance in a bit that seems to be original to the show, though it could also be a fancy bit of Photoshop magic.

Watch the trailer below. The second season premieres July 13. And don’t forget about the marketing campaign that started last week, because it’s damn great — even if it is selling you something.