Watch The Lonely Island Perform Virtuosic Classroom Instrumental Rendition of “The Boat Song”


The minds behind Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping are on a quest to not stop never stopping their promotional performances in advance of their film’s June 3 release — and that’s definitely not a bad thing. Following a performance of “I’m So Humble” (from the soundtrack) on The Voice with Adam Levine and coming together at the MTV music awards to perform a Will Smith medley, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon — with Jimmy Fallon! and the Roots — to perform a bit of Lonely Island nostalgia: “The Boat Song.”

Rather than providing more of a glimpse into the life of Pop Star star Connor4Real (Samberg), they opted to revisit the band’s Grammy nominated 2009 track. Dressed in sailor outfits, they performed this rendition of the song with classroom instruments — and while this Tonight Show schtick might occasionally, for non-joke artists, have seemed like late night viral video gimmickry forced onto music that didn’t need it, The Lonely Island has made a name for themselves as some of the premiere makers of quickly-consumed — and often quite excellent — video gimmickry, and so it’s all joyously fitting. Also, Jorma Taccone looks pretty foxy in that dunce cap.