Watch Haim Cover Prince and Perform Two New Very Haim-y Jams


It’s been nearly three years since the sisters Haim released their debut album, Days Are Gone, and since then they’ve mostly been known for quarreling with Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste and hanging out with Taylor Swift and her #squad. It’s about time we heard some new tunes from “Falling” band, and thanks to an intrepid citizen reporter at the band’s show on Tuesday, we’ve finally got some snippets — and they’re very Haim-y.

That is to say, the vocals are still pitched and stuttering and the guitars are still suitably living in the ’80s, but this time they’ve got more handclaps! (And who doesn’t love handclaps?) With their ear firmly planted to the ground of decades past, it’s fitting, then, that they also performed a cover of Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U,” as the Purple One’s music signatures are stamped all over the work we’ve heard from Haim thus far.

Watch, listen, and learn below. This performance was but one stop on the group’s U.S. tour, though there’s no official word yet on a new album.