Of All the Stars in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ the Bluth Stair Car May Be the Best


Even if you didn’t watch the latest Marvel flick, Captain America: Civil War, you probably know that a good portion of Hollywood’s A-list made an appearance. Aside from the titular star, Chris Evans, there was Paul Rudd, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, an Olsen sister, Stan Lee, a guy named Bucky, the name “Pepper Potts” uttered aloud multiple times, etc. You get the point. The most important cameo, if you’re so inclined to insult it by naming it as such, is not on that list. In fact, it was barely in the movie. Because it was a car. Specifically, a car from Arrested Development.

Courtesy of Consequence of Sound, you can see that the Bluth Company’s stair car is in the background of the major fight that acts as a central set-piece for the film. During that fight, Ant-Man (Rudd) cracks wise, saying he’s taking off toward his ride. In the lightning-quick editing of the film, it appears that it’s just a typical stair car, as would be seen on any tarmac that’s got planes to load with luggage. However, given the freeze-frame treatment, it becomes clear that it’s no ordinary stair car: it’s a stair car from a television show that has somehow turned up at an airport in a Marvel movie. That’s grade-A moviemaking, folks!

Why put the Bluth car in a Marvel movie? Well, as if you needed a reason, the film’s directors, the Russo Brothers, had directed a few episodes of Arrested Development – and we’re talking the real stuff, not that Netflix bull. No wonder they did such a bang-up job on this giant tentpole film, then!

Check out the stair car below.