Watch Louis C.K. Win ‘Jeopardy!,’ and See Journalists Get Flustered, Too


Last week we announced that TV’s best game show, Jeopardy!, was hosting a Power Players week, during which famous (and “famous”) people play the game for charity. Jonathan Franzen played earlier this week, and Louis C.K. competed last night. He did well—he won! He also wore a suit, which, for Louis, is a real bit of effort in the presentation department.

On the episode Louis competed against two journalists: Kate Bolduan of CNN and the Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capehart. As with every other episode of Jeopardy!, the contestants had some embarrassing moments. But few were as embarrassing as when Bolduan answered a question wrong (by using a word that was in the prompt) and then joked about walking off stage once Louis answered correctly, only to then try to pick the next question out of turn. It was clearly because she was just very flustered, but it was a tough thing to watch.

It’s all in a clip of the episode below:

In the end Louis won, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been a fan of his standup for long, as his body of knowledge is deep. In winning, he donated $50,000 to the Fistula Foundation, which works in Asia and Africa to help women who have suffered obstetric fistulas during childbirth. From the website:

The labor produces contractions that push the baby’s head against the mother’s pelvic bone. The soft tissues between the baby’s head and the pelvic bone are compressed and do not receive adequate blood flow. The lack of blood flow causes this delicate tissue to die, and where it dies holes are created between the laboring mother’s bladder and vagina and/or between the rectum and vagina.