Kesha Joins Ben Folds Onstage After Dr. Luke Cancels Her Billboard Performance


Earlier this week, it was announced that Kesha’s scheduled Sunday performance at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards had been cancelled. But not because the singer had gotten sick, realized she had a prior engagement, or just opted out. Rather, Dr. Luke, who acts as head of label Kemosabe Records (with whom Kesha is, unfortunately, trapped in a contract) and has also been accused of sexually assaulting the singer, “rescinded [the performance’s] approval.”

Kesha then revealed in an Instagram post that her performance was going to be a cover of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me, Babe” as part of a tribute to the legendary rocker. And, although it looks like Dr. Luke may have once again gotten his way in the situation — the judge recently ruled in his favor in his ongoing court case with the singer — Kesha still managed to do her Bob Dylan tribute in front of a crowd. During his show at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles last night, Ben Folds, who was also slated to be a part of the Bob Dylan tribute on Sunday, brought out Kesha to perform the aforementioned song alongside a few of Folds’ own songs, and a cover of Kesha’s “Sleazy.”

Getting the chance to join Ben Folds on stage was clearly a highlight for Kesha because she took to Instagram after the show to offer him a very heartfelt thank you note:

dear Mr. ben folds, thank u for tonight. thanks for letting me share your stage, your band, your audience, your humor, your songs. thanks for believing in me. thanks for being a positive and encouraging human in my life. thanks for ur records that got me through high school. thanks for being a genius composer. thanks for being nice when we work together. thanks for letting me play a Bob Dylan cover with you. thanKs for being a good friend in this scary business. and lastly. thanks for cleaning my wine glass with ur old man panties. ur an A class gentleman. love you fucker❤️@murkanpianist

See some videos of the performance below.