20 Beautiful Reading Nook Designs for Cozy Bookishness


There’s nothing we love more than a cozy spot to curl up with a good book and get lost for a few hours. It makes us even happier when that place happens to be at home. But for those of us in New York City where mere inches are at a premium, reading space can be extremely limited. One (adorable) solution is the reading nook, which only requires a small amount of square footage and your imagination. We searched for the most beautiful book nook designs — a slice of heaven at home to escape into a story.

A Madrid home with a bibliophile’s corner, complete with elevated hammock, reading nook, towering shelves, and library ladder.

Bookish intimacy in a 240-square foot space.

A contemporary, curvy, wooden cutout hidden in a staircase.

Flexible living in under 500 square feet. Use this nook for naps and all-day reading adventures.

When all else fails, escape to the closet. Terrat Elms Interior Design created this mini nook for easy getaways with your favorite read.

Minimalist attic loveliness. The round window is offset by a long lounge seating, LED baseboard lighting, and storage for all your secret books.

Nest like nobody’s watching, right by the fire. Company Birdseye knows what we like.

Jung wook Han, a Seoul-based designer, created this sunny reading loft with maximum windows.

All the essentials are here: books, bed, light, and a clean, contemporary design.

Space-saving, with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the inventive window seating.

Pulltab Design knows how to make use of the only free corner in the house.

This mystery stunner doubles as a meditation space.

Sleepover in the front, book party in the back. Thanks for this cheery and bright cottage coziness, Sullivan Building & Design Group.

This is living.

Ground-floor reading with a view.

Behind the blackened timber cladding is an indoor-outdoor dining space with a gorgeous wooden window box that’s just screaming for a stack of books.

Architect Sven Matt gives this Austrian home a reading nook meant for the midnight hour, complemented by spruce wood accents.

This Greek vacation house with a reclaimed wood-backed nook is our summer crush.

Sometimes simple is best.

Mesh Design created a snuggle-worthy, back-lit reading nook with a porthole for viewing the family’s aquarium.