Watch Kesha’s Dr.Luke-Approved Performance at the Billboard Music Awards


Last week, like many of this year’s weeks, was a tough one for Kesha and the fans who have been following her legal battle. First, it was announced that she was no longer “allowed” to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, because her producer, Dr. Luke, and his label, Kemosabe, had been warned that she might use the platform to discuss ongoing litigation. Then, once the internet outraged, and it became clear that Kesha only wanted to pay tribute to Bob Dylan, Dr. Luke and his label relented, and so she was allowed to continue on with the performance, which finally came to fruition last night at the Billboard Music Awards.

Kesha performed Dylan’s 1964 track “It Ain’t Me Babe,” slowing the track down to a crawl, and accompanied by a violinist and Ben Folds on piano. (She performed with Ben Folds last week.) It was a great performance, and, even though it didn’t showcase any of Kesha’s work, it at least reminded people that, all legal issues and serious personal tribulations aside, she’s still a damn good singer.

Watch a clip below, or the full thing here.