‘Mad Men’ Alert: the Moving Box from Peggy’s Badass Moving Scene Is for Sale


In episode 12 of Mad Men‘s seventh and final season, Peggy Olsen, played wonderfully by Elisabeth Moss, has a night to end all nights with Roger Sterling at her then-abandoned office. The morning after that night, during which Roger gave her a picture of an “octopus pleasuring a lady,” Peggy charges into her new office wearing hangover sunglasses, smoking a hangover cigarette, and carrying a box full of select belongings. It’s a badass moment, and it’s one that you can now relive in perpetuity, if you so wish to buy the actual box and things that were in it.

Yes — the actual box, because in just eight days from now it’ll go up for auction over at “ScreenBid,” where real shows sell their real things. The site describes the “Banker’s Box” as such:

Moving on is hard to do, as Peggy Olson discovers when she finally left the beloved offices of SC&P. This moving banker box carried Peggy’s most prized possessions to her new advertising home, and can be a sentimental storage space for any items that mean the most. The actress took a number of items from the box as a special keepsake, but the rest is available as the perfect gift for the ultimate Mad Men fan!

Of course, you can also buy Don Draper’s personal copy of The Inferno, or Roger Sterling’s rigged cigarette, or Bert Cooper’s standing ashtray, or pretty much anything you’d like. But few things were an embodiment of all that was awesome like that box, which gave us one of the best Peggy moments, ever. (No, the painting of an “octopus pleasuring a woman” is not for sale. Surely one of the things the “actress” took as a keepsake.)