Buy a Brick from Eminem’s House? Why Not!


The worst thing about the world in 2016 is that everyone has so much money and nobody is poor, and there’s just not enough junk to buy! Luckily, for all those brick enthusiasts (or Eminem fans) out there, Marshall Mathers, the candy-coated rapper, is selling a brick from his Detroit childhood home as a part of an anniversary edition of 2000’s The Marshall Mathers LP.

The bricks were preserved when Mathers’ childhood home, which was declared structurally unsound, was demolished in 2013. This begs the question: has Eminem been planning to sell each of these 700 bricks this whole time? Possibly: the special edition comes with a reissued cassette of the album, as well as a display stand and a plaque. Oh, and just so you know you’re not getting scammed, also a numbered Certificate of Authenticity complete with Eminem’s handwritten signature. Think of what a conversation starter it’ll be to have a brick from Eminem’s childhood home on your mantle!

You can buy all of this stuff, along with dog tags made of wood from his house, here. The special edition brick version of The Marshall Mathers LP is only a little more than $300 — for a brick and a cassette! What a deal.