Shia LaBeouf, Artist, Is Hitchhiking and Wants You to Pick Him Up


At Cannes this year, Shia LaBeouf proved in the film American Honey that he is an actor who is capable of doing some actual acting, rather than putting a bag on his head and sitting in a room, or watching all of his movies. And while I’m personally a fan (or apologist) of that artier work, I am disappointed to see that, following the renewed interest in his actual acting prowess, LaBeouf has returned to the world of performance art, this time utilizing Twitter and geographical coordinates as part of a program called #TAKEMEANYWHERE, which involves him tweeting out coordinates and then meeting up with people, who maybe take him places, or maybe just grab lunch with him.

This is all being recorded on the project’s website, of course, and LaBeouf has re-teamed with Rönkkö and Turner, who he worked with on all of his past artistic endeavors.

This project is being done in collaboration with Vice, who is probably recording this for their TV network, or something else. There’s no word on when this project will conclude, though hopefully it’s soon. Because we need to see Shia acting again. Specifically, we need to see Shia in this new McEnroe movie — and we need it quickly.