The Strokes Announce New EP, Release New Songs “OBLIVIUS” and “Drag Queen”


Regardless of what you think of the Strokes in terms of legacy, it’s undeniable that they’ve written some jams. Their first two albums were back-to-back classics, and even their spottier follow-ups tucked away a few gems. Never mind singer Julian Casablancas’ solo album, Phrazes for the Young, and his outing with The Voidz, which was underrated in its sheer blasphemy. Many suspected after the Strokes had fulfilled their obligation to RCA they’d go separate ways, but that’s not the case. This morning, the band announced a new EP, and released a new song, “OBLIVIUS.”

Bummer of a name aside — Casablancas is dedicated to all-caps, misspelled missives — the track captures the energy of Phrazes in a nuts-o guitar line that is, for a time, simply a shriek, and concludes with maybe the loveliest melody of Casablancas’ life, at least on record. As for the EP, it’s titled Future Present Past, which, well, see above discussion of the song title. The band also released a weird, kind of charming video, in which they chat amongst themselves and are maybe a little abrasive? Watch it below.

You can listen to the new song here. The EP is out June 3.

UPDATE: The Strokes released another new song, “Drag Queen.”

UPDATE: The entire Future Present Past EP is now on Spotify. You can stream it below. So much for June 3.