Jake Gyllenhaal and a Ferret Star in ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ ‘Catfish’ Parody


There’s nothing quite like a high-octane episode of Katfish, which is Amy Schumer’s very lawsuit-safe parody of Catfish, which she’s now spoofed on her own show, which is called, as you might know, Inside Amy Schumer. This specific spoof is a special spoof, as it stars Jake Gyllenhaal, a ferret, and Broad City‘s Paul W. Downs as a very skeezy Nev Schulman analog.

In the clip, Schumer plays a woman who believes she has been the victim of a catfishing, specifically by someone who is pretending to be Jake Gyllenhaal. The two meet in a chat room for ferret fanatics, and the big twist is that Jake Gyllenhaal was actually Jake Gyllenhaal the entire time. It turns out that he had actually been catfished by Amy, because she’d been lying about her love of ferrets throughout the long distance relationship, and it quickly becomes clear that she does not care about ferrets.

On the face of it, the sketch is funny simply because of the premise, the guest appearances, and the lovable ferrets, but it reaches much greater heights because of the character of Amy, who is revealed to have manipulated the whole situation in an attempt to achieve fame from appearing on Katfish. It might be too analytical to try to take that to deeper levels and say that the clip isn’t so much a dig at the machine of Catfish and more a dig at the way people will put themselves in potentially harmful situations in order to achieve reality TV fame, but, hey, maybe it isn’t. Whatever it is, it’s pretty damn funny.

Watch the clip below.