Victoria Beckham Recorded a ‘Hip-Hop’ Album with Damon Dash, and You Can Hear It Now—at Your Own Risk


If you’re a Beckham stan or Spice Girls superfan, you might remember when Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, first made friends with hip-hop impresario and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash in 2003. You might even remember that the two collaborated on a “hip-hop” (and we use the term quite liberally here) album titled Come Together that never saw the light of day. If this is you, today is your lucky day. A demo version of that album, which first surfaced on the UK eBay last month, has finally leaked online, and you can hear it today, in all its unfinished and unnecessary glory.

Of the disc’s 17 tracks, our favorite titles include “DAT Simple,” (we suppose she’s a fan of archaic hi-fidelity audio technology) and “That Dude.” There are guest appearances from the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard and armed robbery proponents M.O.P. We’re still trying to imagine those sessions, and as hard as we try, it’s likely our imagination doesn’t do it justice. “She went into the gutter,” Dash told MTV in 2003 of the collaboration. “I mean, M.O.P. is the grimiest group we got, and she took it there. I wanted to push her limits.”

For the uninformed, in addition to her self-titled solo debut, Beckham recorded another full studio album, Open Your Eyes, that was never released. As a world-famous celebrity and successful fashion designer that catches D from this dude, we’re sure she’s not sweating it. All these demos prove is that the internet is at once ethereal and forever, and that Dame has probably always been insane.