Seth Rogen Is a Tree, Rose Byrne Is Nala in James Corden’s Crosswalk Musical


Seth Rogen was not feeling any of the love after being slighted by James Corden and being cast as a tree on the most recent episode of Crosswalk the Musical: The Lion King. The silly pseudo-series features brief renditions of popular Broadway musicals performed on Beverly Blvd. The Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising stars joined the cast of the actual show Wednesday as they performed some popular numbers, including “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and “Hakuna Matata.”

It’s putting it lightly to say that Rogen wasn’t exactly beaming with joy while swaying his bushels of leaves in the middle of the street. Corden bullied the actor, not only refusing to recognize Rogen’s esteemed acting roots, but also joked that Rogen’s role of Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs was previously promised to him. Meanwhile, Byrne felt right at home in her musical roots, and was excited by the high stakes performance space. “There’s the thrill of live theatre and the thrill of death,” she said, after bolting back onto the sidewalk right as the red “Don’t Walk” traffic hand appeared.

The audience of city folk definitely got more than they’d bargained for at the stoplight, but all seemed to enjoy the familiar melodies and fleeting performances. After noticing the success of their “show,” Corden tops off the performance by congratulating Rogen on his stellar work as the show’s props.