This Clip Proves That Even Radiohead Make Mistakes


The world may not have an official “greatest band” anymore, but, if it did, Radiohead could very well be that band. They’ve been on the top of the world since at least OK Computer, but just this month they released A Moon Shaped Pool, and it was received with rapturous acclaim. To those of us tapped in to music news, it seemed that Radiohead could do no wrong. Hell, even the videos they released for this album’s singles were beautiful! “Daydreaming,” directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, was even showed in theaters, on 35mm film no less! It was a hot, hot, hot streak, but no longer! Because last night the band totally messed up while playing at the Roundhouse in London, so, ha, joke’s on you, Thom Yorke.

Just as the band eased its way into “Nude,” from 2007’s In Rainbows, and Thom was jiving on some sweet melodies, Johnny Greenwood — the fool! — started playing harmonica, and Thom stopped the song, like, “What is your deal, Johnny Greenwood? Those Oscar nominations got you lost in your pile of equipment over there, or what?” It was a good laugh; we all laughed. The crowd laughed. And then Thom asked the crowd, “You in a hurry?” before kicking back into the song, eventually raising a triumphant fist when Johnny Greenwood did his damn job correctly. (Apparently, the show was very good. Aside from this one very bad, inexcusable mistake.)

Watch the video below. The band is currently on an international tour. You can see the dates here — they’ll be in the U.S. in July and August.