Peaches Performed on ‘Orphan Black’ Last Night, Providing Blissful Queer Background Noise


While Sarah went off the rails again on last night’s Orphan Black, queer electronica icon Peaches made an appearance on the seventh episode of the show’s fourth season, fittingly titled the “The Antisocialism of Sex, ” to play her recent song, “Bodyline.”

Fans were excited to hear about her confirmed cameo back in March — right around the time when Peaches came out in support of Kim Kardashian — but the Canadian genderqueer heartthrob only appears on and off for five minutes while Sarah makes out and snorts coke in a bar. All the while, tension builds as Best Foster Brother Ever, Felix, runs around looking for Sarah, pestering a bearded bartender who “looks like [Sarah’s] type on a bender.” But what a glorious five minutes it is, expertly contrasting the self-preservative hedonism (and brief lesbian snogging sesh) of Sarah against a butchy glam-rock Peaches, who has always celebrated love, pleasure, and the self in her life and music.

Peaches’ last album, Rub, came out in September of last year.

Watch the in-show performance below: