Watch the Campaign Ads for Another Horrifying Person Running for Office: Jonah Ryan


What’s more dangerous, giving Veep‘s Jonah Ryan an axe or giving him a chance to be a Congressman? Well, a new “campaign” ad gives him both. If you watched last Sunday night’s episode of Veep, you now know that America has found in the series’ towering insult-receptacle of a human yet another figure whose rise to prominence we can fear with every new “news” story or TV spot.

Now that Ryan (played by Timothy Simons) is running for Veep-Congress, HBO has released his campaign ads, the first of which he uses to appeal to the woodsmen of his home state of New Hampshire by pretending to be a “Rugged Outsider” — as the ad is titled. He also throws in a brief clip of him chasing a child around a slide to make him look familial, which of course instead makes him appear creepy.

In his second campaign ad, Jonah himself doesn’t speak, but rather just promenades through the woods and smiles at sticks as a generic campaign ad voiceover quotes “New Hampshire’s own Robert Frost.”

On top of this, Jonah now has an official campaign poster (below), as well as a website, where you can see cute early photos of the candidate, before he earned notoriety and titles like “Jonad,” “Scrotum Pole,” and, more frighteningly, potential Congressman. You can also read his story, excerpted here:

I was born and raised here in the Granite State in the shadow of the majestic White Mountains. I grew up swimming and fishing in our lakes, hiking and skiing on our mountains, exploring our fields and forests and enjoying the fine dining and rich cultural offerings of our vibrant towns and cities. I attended the University of New Hampshire, first in Durham and then after a year off, at the Manchester campus and, although I left before completing my degree, I can attest firsthand to the world-class quality of that fine institution.

Watch the campaign ads:

Here’s the poster:

[Via Indiewire]