Watch Snoop Dogg and Ilana Glazer Get High and Laugh at a Farting Preacher


“You never watch church on TV?” asks Snoop Dogg.

“Not really,” says Ilana Glazer. “I’m Jewish.”

And that’s pretty much a perfect representation of the level of preparation Snoop did for this very unusual interview with Ilana.

But let’s rewind. For some reason, Snoop Dogg has been “making” “news” under the moniker of Nemo Hoes (get it!?) at a YouTube channel called the GGN — the Double G Network, as well as at the site Merry Jane. He recently interviewed Broad City’s Ilana Glazer, though “recently” is relative, because this interview was obviously conducted prior to Broad City‘s season three finale, which aired back in April.

The exchange is a little uncomfortable at first. Snoop Dogg — er, Nemo Hoes — is not to be held to the same “politically correct” standards as the rest of journalists in 2016, so he gets to ask the real questions, which are mostly bad. Actually, it’s not the questions themselves that are bad, but the follow-ups, such as when Snoop asks Ilana what type of movie she’d like to make, and then insists that it would require full-on nudity and hardcore lesbian sex scenes. For what it’s worth, Ilana handles his charming line of questioning with aplomb, and calls him out for essentially describing porn. She then pitches a serious “Sundance” buddy movie with the two of them, and that’ll probably be out sometime in 2018, God willing.

After the questioning, the clip does segue into a weird segment where Ilana and Snoop watch a pretty brilliantly edited montage of a televangelist who can’t stop farting. It’s very dumb, but because Ilana and Snoop are stoned out of their minds, they can’t help but laugh and laugh. And so did we. Hey, it’s contagious.

Watch the bizarre interview below.