Thurston Moore Will Collaborate With Bernie, and They Will Become Bros For life


Thurston Moore, aka That Guy From Sonic Youth, has announced he will make a song in support of the Bernie Sanders campaign, called “Feel It in Your Guts.” The single will feature a 12-string acoustic accompaniment to snippets of Sanders’ speeches “on topics like the worship of money, economic inequality, social justice, and the need for basic human rights for all people,” according to Joyful Noise Recordings. Fans can download the single for free, as long as they first donate (suggested $27) directly to the Sanders campaign. Oh, and in case you just have to, it will also be available on white flexi-disc vinyl.

Karl Hofstetter of Joyful Noise said of the collaboration, “Bernie Sanders inspires us. In a political and business climate which is increasingly self-interested and money-driven, Bernie Sanders alone remains uncompromisingly focused on the issues that affect 99% of us,” he said. “As Bernie himself has said, ‘The reason why we are doing well in this campaign is because we are telling the truth.'”

Sanders and the campaign, Hofstetter said, were right on board, and have worked closely with the label. But don’t worry, Moore’s no awful Bernie Bro, just a guy who last year said Jezebel promoted “gender fascism.”

Feel the gender fascism.