Flame-Broiled Meat, the New Man Musk? [Test Drive]


It’s been quite a week for Burger King. For they impressed us with their extremely viral and controversial burger virgin commercial. Plenty of people have cried bad taste, but we found it entertaining — and as fast food commercials are usually peddling their unhealthy eats to obese kids who love shiny, plastic toys, is exploiting a few remote Transylvanian farmers really the worst thing ever?

Then we read about their meaty new man fragrance, FLAME™, via Ephemerist. It could possibly be the worst thing ever.

“Burger King is now selling this limited edition men’s body spray online and at select Ricky’s stores, because, uh, there is nothing more sensual than smelling like a pimply teen who works for minimum wage over the burger grill? Stay in your lane, Burger King! I don’t go to Sephora for a milkshake and basket of fries, and I don’t expect my fast food joints to start hawking fragrances. It’s too very downmarket Demeter. Will next we see AMC’s Movie Butter Body Spray, or McDonald’s Fryolator scent? Or, dios mio, a Taco Bell Chalupa scent?”

Obviously we had to run out and buy some so that Flavorpill staffers could test it immediately. Their horrified reactions — which were well worth the $4 Rickys is charging — below. Note that none of them mention the word “meat”.

1. “Liquid plastic cut with antibacterial hand soap.” 2. “Just like fresh acetone.” 3. “Smells like 7th grade. Or what I imagine the 7th grade boys locker room to smell like.” 4. “It smells like bellybutton lint.” 5. “This is for a dude? I once dated a girl who smelled just like this.” 6. “Headgear.”