Cara Delevingne Transforms Into Animals (Really!) for Anti-Poaching Initiative — And to Dismantle the Patriarchy


Supermodel, actress, activist, and victim of a redundant “n” Cara Delevingne posed nude as part of her role as the inaugural ambassador of global anti-poaching campaign called, cleverly, I’m Not a Trophy.

The mission of the movement is to call attention to trophy hunters and poachers, and is working to combat the slaughtering of endangered species to ensure that they don’t become extinct. I’m Not a Trophy was founded by French artist and photographer Arno Elias, who also shot Delevingne’s portraits for the campaign’s purchasable posters. The two were introduced by model and mutual friend, Suki Waterhouse, Delevingne tells Marie Claire .

The organization is focused on protecting the future of wildlife. Or, as they put it, they want to “bring awareness to the issue, engage a broad demographic, and to drive people to the most reliable wildlife foundations.” Delevingne’s strong following (over 30 million Instagram followers) and ongoing advocacy and support of endangered species makes her perfectly suited to front this new initiative. No word yet on whether Annie Clark will join the cause.

But the organization’s international campaign has a multifaceted message, according to Delevingne. The passionate starlet is aiming to, pardon the phrase, kill two birds with one stone: protect endangered species and dismantle the patriarchy. “I wanted to highlight women as powerful figures within our society,” she tells Elle. “Much like the species that are trophy hunted and displayed as prizes, women are often seen as possessions. It’s time for our society to end the treatment of humans and animals as trophies.”