72 New Emojis Are Coming to Your Keyboard — and Avocados Are Included


Even though the new Kimojis dropped yesterday, our attention just turned to the new official emojis to be released this month, including some essential symbols: an arm taking a selfie, bacon, eggs and avocados. Sorry Kim, but bacon and avocado trump your rump today. The organization that signs off on the new emojis has provided us with 72 more ways to help express our cyber selves.

Although there is an abundance of new hand-gesture and sporting emojis, the new food ones seem to take the cake (ha!). In addition to basic breakfast foods, there will now be kiwis, carrots, croissants, peanuts, pancakes, potatoes, and salads (you know, for when we want to pretend that we’re healthy). In fact, to compliment the new food there are now clinking champagne glasses (for when we want to celebrate the single life and pretend we’re not crying alone).

Even though food may have been our favorite contributions, we’ve got to give a quick shout out to the new emoji disco man with his finger in the air a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.