PT Anderson and Daniel-Day Lewis May Make a Moody, Disquieting Film About 1950s Fashion


There will be fashion.

Variety reports that Daniel Day-Lewis and PT Anderson may be re-teaming for the writer/director’s next film, though Anderson is allegedly still in the process of finishing the script, and is looking for actresses of “Eastern European descent” for supporting roles.

Apparently, the film will center around the 50s fashion industry (and if it’s anything like other PT Anderson films, all of the poodle skirts will somehow be uncompromisingly bleak). The Eastern European detail leaves a lot up to the imagination, as does pretty much everything else, because what you just read are among the only details to have been reported, other than that Annapurna Pictures is producing. This would be Lewis’ first film since 2012’s Lincoln, and Anderson’s follow up to his music videos of the likes of Joanna Newsom and Thom Yorke walking, meaningfully.