New Game Lets You Drag Around and Force Farts from Daniel Radcliffe’s 3D Ragdoll Corpse


Have you ever wanted to hear a dead Daniel Radcliffe accuse you of masturbating “a lot”? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to command the corpse of Harry Potter to fart through plain suggestion? Or maybe vomit water? All of the above? Well, it’s all possible now, thanks to some ingenuous marketing folks working to promote the upcoming film, Swiss Army Man.

That film, directed by duo DANIELS, finds the bloated, blistered corpse of Radcliffe washing ashore on an island inhabited by a stranded Paul Dano. Radcliffe’s corpse proceeds to reanimate — maybe? — and do things such as magically propelling itself and Dano through the water, powered by the force of his corpulent flatulence. It sounds like a crude premise, and maybe it’s a crude film: people either loved it or hated it at its Sundance premiere, booing and walking out mid-screening. But those of us who didn’t get to see it were mostly locked on to one thing: we need to see this farting, bloated Daniel Radcliffe. And while we can’t do that until June 24, we can at least play with a ragdoll simulation of his dead body over at the Swiss Army Man website.

This isn’t the most robust game tie-in we’ve seen recently. In fact, Mr. Robot‘s recent viral marketing strategy easily trumps it in scale. But still, it’s fun to drag around Radcliffe’s (fake) dead body with your cursor, tapping him on the belly to elicit a toot or two. Also, typing “canteen” while the game’s tab is active results in the dead dude barfing up water, activating a fart-filmed trailer for the film.

Anyway, we know we’re playing into the hands of the marketers here, but just check it out. The film goes wide later this year, but is in LA and NYC on June 24. Also, a full trailer can be found here.