Watch Meryl Streep Embody Donald Trump at Public Theater Gala


You’d be forgiven if, up to this point, you’d assumed Meryl Streep had done it all. She had done a lot: she’d won Oscars, worn really great glasses, and said unfortunate things at the Berlin Film Festival. But she’d never played Donald Trump — until now. Last night, at the annual Public Theater Gala, Streep dressed up as Trump and Christine Baranski dressed up as Hillary Clinton. They performed “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” from Kiss Me, Kate.

Sadly, there seems to have been little room for actual Trump-isms in the performance, but it’s still fun to see the two dressed up, Streep in a little bit of a fat suit with Trump hair to boot. It was especially appropriate, given that Hillary clinched the delegates needed for the Democratic Party’s nomination last night.

Funny that Meryl played Trump, a rich man who decided he wanted to be a politician, given her next performance in Florence Foster Jenkins. She plays a very rich New York City woman who really wants to be an opera singer — and is actually given the opportunity to be an opera singer — even though she really sucks at being an opera singer.

Check out some images and footage below.