Watch Hundred Waters, Chance The Rapper, and Skrillex’s Beautiful Performance of “Show Me Love” On Colbert


Hundred Waters appeared on Late Night With Stephen Colbert last night to perform their “Show Me Love,” off of their 2014 LP The Moon Rang Like A Bell. Both Chance The Rapper and Skrillex appeared with them on the show to perform the Skrillex remix version of the original song. The chemistry between Chance and vocalist Nicole Miglis makes for a great watch, and hey, Skrillex also winds up on the floor for some reason.

Chance and Skrillex, who have previously collaborated on “Coast Is Clear,” with The Social Experiment, also came out for Colbert’s monologue to “remix” it. Colbert introduces General Mills’ first new cereal in 15 years, the somehow necessary Tiny Toasts, and brings the two out after having seemingly exhausted any further miniature sugar toast jokes. Chance brings a delightfully well-constructed freestyle about cereal, while Skrillex plays beats from his phone and dances (kinda) around the set with Colbert.

Watch both performances below: