Solange to Seemingly Dance the New Tate Modern Extension Into Existence


The Tate Modern is about to open its $401 million Herzog & de Meuron-designed extension, and whatever the opening will entail, Solange Knowles has something to do with it, and she’s employing a group of dancers in blue leotards to do…whatever it is she’s doing. The Independent calls it a “mysterious collaboration,” because the teases that’ve been released on Instagram aren’t particularly revealing (There are dancers. There’s a cage filled with some yellow cushions. The dancers wear blue leotards. They leave the cage. End of teaser.)

Solange captioned one of the Instagram posts, “Creating and Composing something special for the @Tate Museum…. and these beautiful babes who made my whole entire life,” tipping the aforementioned publication and ArtNet news off about Solange’s involvement in, well, “something special” for the museum.

Photographer Carlota Guerrero is involved, and likewise shared an image from the collaboration on Instagram:

According to a quote in ArtNet, seemingly from Solange or her representatives, it’s “a unique video…[which is] inspired by and reflects artworks within the new space.” The new space will open on June 17, increasing the display capacity of the museum by 60 percent.