‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Presents ‘The Knick Jr.,’ In Which Thackery Is Addicted to Pixy Stix and Schumer Is Noseless


Though The Knick may (or may not! or may sort of!) be over, Amy Schumer has given a resuscitating shot of adrenaline (you know, the kind that couldn’t save certain characters, resulting, like most of the show’s plot lines, in tragedy) — by remaking it with children. Taking a cue from the other, er, Nick — Nickelodeon — The Knick now also has a The Knick Jr.

The Inside Amy Schumer version of the series plays out much like the original, with the antique operating theater being its centerpiece, and with surgeons cutting a patient open and dangling his innards in front of an amused/nauseated audience. But here they just so happen to be around five years old, and their operating tools are mostly crayons. And because the burdens of being a genius doctor are so immense, Dr. John Thackery (played by Clive Owen in the series) is addicted to madly downing Pixy Stix. Schumer plays Thackery’s ex-girlfriend, who happens to lack a nose (as she did on the series), leading to the cliché childhood question: “Who got your nose?” The o.g. Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) — manager of the Knickerbocker hospital — co-stars.