Chance the Rapper Regrets Cutting Regina Spektor from ‘Coloring Book’


While recording his recent mixtape, Chance the Rapper traveled back in time almost exactly 10 years ago and rediscovered Regina Spektor, the freak-folk goddess who gave us the special, cacophonous coo of “Better.” He liked her so much that he apparently had her contribute to Coloring Book, specifically on the song “Same Drugs.” Only, she’s not there now. Because, somewhere along the line, she was cut from the track, and it’s something that Chance regrets, as he revealed today via Twitter.

In fact, Chance went even further, calling the omission of Spektor’s contribution perhaps “the biggest mistake” he made on the mixtape. And while that might seem hyperbolic, it makes sense when you remember that his mixtape is nearly perfect, and so any mistake could be considered the “biggest mistake.” Funny that Chance has aired this mistake, as he was in the opposite spot earlier this month when it was revealed that Beck had really wanted Chance to appear on his latest single, “Wow,” but, well, he “wasn’t sure what happened with” it. Wow.

Chance recently appeared alongside Hundred Waters and Skrillex on Late Night with Stephen Colbert to perform a remix of Hundred Waters’ “Show Me Love.” Maybe he could arrange something like that with Spektor? I’m sure she’d be down with it. Especially because she just responded via Twitter with maybe the perfect emoji representation of her particular brand of singing.