Haim’s New Album Hopefully Arriving in Time to Give You a Bittersweet-But-Empowered-and-Celebratory-But-Still-a-Little-Irked-But-Still-Empowered Fall


Rolling Stone has a new feature on Haim, about their upcoming follow up to 2012’s Days Are Gone — which they’re recording in their living room, and which they hope finish in time to release this coming Fall. Apart from mentioning an overall theme of the album (Danielle Haim notes how it deals with coming home after the success of Days Are Gone to try to return to normal but “realizing there is a difference”) the interviewer also managed to get specific details about certain tracks. Though it sounds like their sound has changed a bit, hopefully they’ll still be able to provide the exciting balance of melancholy, bitterness, empowerment and pure enjoyment that made for such robust and listenable pop on their first album.

Haim wrote a song called “Little of Your Love,” initially for a film, but then decided to keep it for the album — and Rolling Stone refers to it as “buoyant” and “piano-driven,” the latter of which seems to indicate a new sound. Another track — “Nothing’s Right” — the publication refers to as reminiscent of ’90s Shania Twain.

Apparently “Little of Your Love” catalyzed a songwriting “spark,” which ended up bringing about the rest of the album; 12 tracks were written in a matter of weeks. Overall, though, the sound is, according to Danielle, more “organic” than the former album (for which they enjoyed the interplay of organic and more ambiguously electro sounds): it’s described as something of a return to their rock-band roots, and to the way they enjoy performing live.

Haim worked on the album with Ariel Rechtshaid, who also produced Days Are Gone; ex-Vampire Weekender Rostam Batmanglij also contributed to the album.