Watch: Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Independence Day’ Character Has Uncanny Resemblance to Jeff Goldblum


Jeff Goldblum brought his brand of weird, meta-funny humor to the latest Independence Day: Resurgence promo, which addressed “conspiracy theories” that he and David Levinson (the scientist Goldblum plays in the franchise) were actually the same person. Levinson, wearing an army jacket and a less gelled hairstyle, claims he can’t really see the resemblance, but thinks the Goldblum might be the boss from 9 to 5 or possibly Bowzer from Sha Na Na.

“We do wear the same frames,” says Jeff Goldblum. “That’s uh…that’s very…”

“Yes, I guess we chose the same frames,” says Levinson. “In any case, my eyes are mahogany, yours are kind of uh…”

“Yours look like a glass of brandy, on a table as the sun comes through the window at sunset, you know?”

“Really? Well I guess—I guess that’s an actor talking.”

Goldblum points out that he does actually sometimes plays doctors or scientists in movies, but Levinson draws a blank.

Watch below. Independence Day: Resurgence is out June 24. That might not be very exciting, but hey, at least Jeff Goldblum will be in it!