Watch Thom Yorke Play a Nice Radiohead Song in a Nice Garden


It has been a rough couple of days, and in times like these it’s often tough to remember that the world is not a total loss. And, though Radiohead’s music is often beautiful, it’s also often tragic, so it’s weird that Thom Yorke would be the source of catharsis, and yet here we are. This weekend, the notoriously mysterious (or, at least, somewhat press-shy) Yorke took to a fancy, peaceful garden party to perform an acoustic set of some of Radiohead’s best songs. The attendees didn’t seem to care too much, but we sure do.

This all came to light thanks to that beautiful, bounteous place known as Reddit, where a user was sent a text by his dad who happened to be attending this garden party where Yorke was performing. (Don’t forget Father’s Day, folks!) The dubious text was proven truthful when video surfaced this morning of Yorke playing In Rainbows jam “Reckoner,” which suits the acoustic treatment pretty well.

Listen to the song below. Yorke reportedly also performed “Desert Island Disk,” “No Surprises,” “Street Spirit (Fade Out),” and “I Might Be Wrong,” but videos of that have yet to surface, because the internet can only be so magical.