Kid Cudi Calls Out Hip-Hop’s Homophobia After Orlando Shooting


In response to last Saturday’s shooting at Orlando’s gay nightclub, Pulse, musician-actor Kid Cudi, like many other famous people, shared his sincere disappointment and heartbreak over the horrendous occurrence. Unlike other musicians, though, he didn’t pull any punches when it came to the root cause of the tragedy.

Cudi expressed via Twitter how he hopes to do more than just verbalize his remorse. He says, “I wish there was more I could do than tweet, build awareness and donate money. Thats not enough. Not for me.” Moving from disappointment to anger, the hip-hop artist continued to articulate his intolerance for any follower of his or any “insecure homophobe” who shares the close-minded opinions he hopes to avoid.

Cudi utilized the social media site to call attention to the lack of attention the hip-hop community has paid to situations surrounding LGBT issues. He plans to make active efforts to speak out loudly on gay rights on the behalf of those in the hip-hop world, a community he’s been a part of for years.

He eventually gained the support of his friend and fellow rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, and both shared their appreciation for one another’s stances.

Cudi continued to express his gratitude the next morning, especially to his faithful and like-minded fans.

As Cudi says, it’s extremely rare for rappers or members of the hip-hop community to speak out against homophobia, so, while this might seem like just another string of tweets from a musician, it’s pretty significant. As for music? Kid Cudi’s Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ is due out later this year.