Radiohead to Give Away “Burn the Witch” Figurines, More During Live Streaming Event


It was announced last week that Radiohead would host a worldwide streaming event celebrating their most recent album, A Moon Shaped Pool. As with all things Radiohead, the motivation behind the June 17 event is somewhat mysterious, but here’s the gist: Radiohead have teamed up with record stores around the world to pipe music through their sound systems, and during this time they’ll be holding “competitions” and giving away “instructional artworks” and more. It’s also just been revealed that the band has plans to auction off the figures used to create the “Burn the Witch” video.

There’s more, too, thanks to information from the folks in charge of one of the participating record stores, Resident, which is in the UK. The instructional artwork is created by Stanley Donwood, the band’s longtime collaborator, and it’ll detail the process used to create A Moon Shaped Pool‘s art. There’ll be a raffle, too, where the winners will win one of the aforementioned Donwood pieces, a 35mm print of Paul Thomas Anderson’s video for “Daydreaming,” or a select collection of figurines used in the filming of the “Burn the Witch” video. (You’ll remember they look pretty much identical to Trumpton characters.)

It’s still not clear what the music will be, or what will be available outside of the raffle, or if there will be a video component, or what the point of all of this is other than Radiohead really loving to create worldwide, simultaneous events. But, hey! It’s only a few days away. We’ll find out soon.

Check out the full list of participating stores here. Watch “Burn the Witch” below.