Attractive Man from Richard Linklater Movie to Play Superman in ‘Supergirl’


Finally, we know who is going to play Superman in Supergirl, the show on the CW that is about Supergirl, who is Superman’s cousin. Against all odds, this person is a man. He is also an actor, and he’s also attractive. He is an attractive, male actor named Tyler Hoechlin.

Maybe you’ve never heard of him, but you’ve probably seen him around. Most recently, Hoechlin played the guy with the mustache (McReynolds) in Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!, which was a pretty good movie, and Hoechlin was pretty good in it.

When we first reported that the producers and writers of Supergirl were searching for a Superman for Supergirl, we noted that they’d written the character into the second season premiere, which meant they’d have to really get a move on with casting this guy, as the second season is most likely airing later this year. (No date has been set.) According to Deadline, though, that was probably never a problem, because Hoechlin had been on their radar for a while. “Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman,” said Andrew Kreisberg, the show’s executive producer.

Where did they know him from? Could it have been MTV’s Teen Wolf? 7th Heaven? Either of them would be fitting, seeing as Superman is, at his core, a moody young man. Anyway, the last time Superman was depicted on TV, it was, of course, by Tom Welling on Smallville, which ran until 2011. And Welling and Hoechlin kind of look alike, don’t they? Maybe they were destined to play Superman. Or maybe they’ve just got great cheekbones.