New Scripted Series Coming from ‘Making a Murderer’ Creators — and George Clooney


Good news for fans of Making a Murderer: the series’ creators, Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, are finally working on a new series, and George Clooney is involved. (His production company, Smokehouse Pictures, is behind the deal.) Bad news for fans of Making a Murderer: it’s gonna be scripted. However, it’s still based on a true story.

Specifically, the show — called America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker — is based on the 15-part Huffington Post story of the same name, written by journalist Steven Brill. In the article, Brill investigates Johnson & Johnson, which primarily makes goods catered to babies and very young children, as well as adults who don’t like it when their shampoo burns their eyes. Brill discovers that Johnson & Johnson had created a drug and then marketed it to the elderly, as well as children, even though they knew that it was potentially harmful. (They hid and manipulated the damning information.)

There’s very little information as to the length of the series or when it will air or where it will air, actually. Presumably, the production of this series will not take the same amount of time as Making a Murderer, which was in production for more than a decade.