Watch a Robotic Trump Destroy the World in Absurd Vaporwave Video


In this new, pretty damn wild video from Mike Diva, an animated Donald Trump runs the world, builds a wall, and kills us all…you know, just as we would expect if he were elected President. So, while we’ll likely never find out what will happen if the big-headed billionaire were to actually be elected well, hey, you can at least find out in this video!

The video, which toys with the notion of propaganda, isn’t shy of periwinkles, purples, or pinks, mostly surrounding the Republican frontrunner’s vacuous face. (It looks good next to the spray-tanned skin.) A wide-eyed Chloe Doan skips through fields of Trump faced flowers and flies by endless Trump owned towers (seriously it’s like driving down the Hudson River between 66th and 72nd, only not as ugly, but just as scary).

The commercial itself, with the help of many others, was directed and edited by Diva, who has created a plethora of vaporwave-inspired videos. (He also made the short film, GRRL SCOUTS, which you may have already seen.) If your ears enjoy this video as much as your eyes do, the track that accompanies this thing is available on Spotify if you simply search for “Japanese Trump Commercial.”

Before we had Kawaii Trump, and now we have Japanese-Vaporwave-I-don’t-even-know Trump.

Maybe you can figure it out. Watch the video below.