Daft Punk, Carl Craig, and Jarvis Cocker to Contribute to Stanley Kubrick Show This Summer


Daft Punk, Carl Craig, Jarvis Cocker, and nearly 60 other contributors will present an exhibition dedicated to the life and works of the late director Stanley Kubrick. The show, called “Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrick,” will run from July 6 – August 24 at the Somerset House in London.

According to the Somerset House website, “Participating artists have been invited to respond to a film, scene, character or theme from the Kubrick archives, shining new perspectives onto the cinematic master’s lifework.” James Levelle, the exhibition’s curator, is also working on an accompanying soundtrack to some of the installations. Some of the “shining new perspectives” will include filmmaker Doug Foster’s infinite widescreen tunnel and Mat Collshaw’s spaceman’s helmet both inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. Dr. Strangelove fan Doug Aitken will create an illuminated public pay phone, and Peter Kennard will juxtapose characters from the War Room to current political leaders. Sarah Lucas’s tribute to the murder weapon in A Clockwork Orange will be a phallic sculpture called “Priapus.” Christiane Kubrick, the filmmaker’s widow, has endorsed the exhibition and will be showing a painting as well.

Watch the trailer for “Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrick” below: