Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands Drops First Ad


Because you didn’t have enough weird anti-Trump videos in your week, the Americans Against Insecure Billionaires With Tiny Hands Political Action Committee has debuted their first ad, called “Release The Measurements.” It was a real fake ad that actually aired on MSNBC in Washington, D.C. that asked viewers to sign a petition demanding Trump reveal his hand measurements.

“How can he create jobs if his hands are too small to shake on the deal?” says a straightfaced construction worker.

“When he decides to launch his nuclear war, will his stubby fingers even be able to push the [big red] button all the way down?” says someone else in an army T-shirt.

The group was founded in Portland, Oregon, earlier this year, ostensibly from the really odd Rubio-Trump standoff from earlier this year, although the joke has a nearly 30-year history. Strand even sold tiny hands for a while, cementing America’s most baffling tiny-hand obsession since Kristen Wiig‘s stint on SNL.

Which brings us to an honest question: is this election real anymore?

Watch the video below: